Patented Protection

Designed, Built, and Proven in Central Florida
where daily thunderstorms rolling across
our locations are a way of life

I designed these Rain Hats for my own use in the early 90's after years of struggling with 4x4 frames, C-stands, sandbags, cello cloth ( don't get me started ), tarps, visqueen, and pop-up tents every time a little Florida rain shower moved across our location. Every time a light and ballast moved for another set-up, all that gear had to move with it, and stay dry while moving! Covering ballasts and distro often posed ventilation and overheat problems. Rob's Rain Hats help solve those problems. They cover heads, ballasts, and distribution. They're flat and lightweight for ease of handling and storage. They have no sharp corners or edges for crew safety. When installed properly, they will not blow away from the heads in gusts, like traditional methods do.

Rob's Rain Hat Features

Constructed from lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum alloys that give Rob's Rain Hats very little shape memory and that retain their flatness for ease of storage.

  • Protects from real or FX rain and snow
  • Aluminum construction, will not rust
  • Protect ballasts
  • Safe, covered with rubber edging
  • Installs quick and easy by one man
  • Light and flat, stores in your truck or cart
  • Fits most tungsten units too, for those night exteriors

How Rob's Rain Hats work

Tips for a successful installation

General Installation

Hold the Rain Hat vertically, line up the Handle Hole with the handle. Push the Handle Hole over the handle, rotate and bend the Rain Hat over the lamp head, tie each side to the bale, and walk away.

Securing a Rain Hat

All of Rob's Rain Hats tie to the bale, and all ties are rigged to hang from the interior surface ( inside the Rain Hat, behind the bale ). To tie the Rain Hat to the bale, just cross the two ties behind the bale and bring the two ties back to the outside of the bale. Then just tie the knot of your choice.

Scrims and Gels

Scrims and gels can be added or changed with a Rain Hat installed. Simply load from the bottom, pushing the scrim up through the two side ears until the bottom ear is clear. Then, settle the scrim back down onto the bottom ear.

Locking Handles

Most Rob's Rain Hats have a patented Handle Hole in the sides, which allows total access to the locking handles while the head is protected by the Rain Hat. When coupled with the bale ties, this device cannot fall forward or backward in a gust, exposing the lamp head to rain or sleet.

Large Rain Hats

Each Large Rain Hat ( 12K, 18K, Arrimax, and 20K fresnel ) has a notched inset cut into the bottom of the left and right side. This inset is designed to fit either between the bale and lamp body, or to sit snugly upon the carrying handle on the bale, depending on the head type and manufacturers design.

Large Rain Hat Handling

The Large folding Rain Hat is designed to open past horizontal and wrap snugly over the head in an upside down U shape, not an upside down V shape

Remember! Conestoga = Good!
Teepee = Bad!

Ballast Protection

Forget worrying about your ballasts in bad weather. If it's a little shower, just lay a small Rain Hat and a shot bag on top of it. If it's really coming down hard, lower the transport handle and wrap it like a lamphead, tying the bale ties under the ballast.

Rob's Rain Hats on set

A few examples of Rob's Rain Hats in use

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I'm sure you will be satisfied with this proven tool. Every grip and electrician I know who has used Rob's Rain Hats has told me how much more safe, quick, and simple they are to use than previous methods. No more last second scrounging of 4 x 4's, stands, tarps, sand bags, and rubber mat. Equipment owners swear by them also because not only do they better protect their gear, they also generate additional rental income as add-ons to the original package.

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